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Why CryptoAdSolution?

CryptoAdSolution is a community-focused advertising platform that rewards customers for consuming and running cryptocurrency advertising. We have created an ecosystem that unites the interests of many customers and communities and is backed up by a Masternode concept. We've been able to create a connection between crypto-based advertising, revenue generation and cryptocurrencies, as well as Masternodes Coins and Blockchain. Now we are very proud to be able to offer this innovation to our customers.


In response, CryptoAdSolution provides 5 products that make all,, the crypto related advertising easy and feasible again for everyone, and also gives the customer a way to generate an income stream now and in the future. All our products offer our customers a multitude of possibilities and reveal the benefits of our coin.



Advertising packages basically have two functions. The customer can buy them with CADS to generate traffic to a desired product and get high quality clicks, and they also generate a passive income through our sophisticated advertising cost reimbursement system. The customer participates in the advertising cycle every 24 hours and consumes at least 70 seconds of advertising every day. The Advertising Package, which is purchased for $ 50 in CADS, then generates a 20% profit. The so-called Advertising Share and the commissions are distributed daily in CADS.


With this product, we provide our customer with an advertising package tailored to him, his wishes and his budget. The customer can request this through a questionnaire, in which the most important wishes are clarified. This product is also being paid to CAS in CADS, and is made for successful, larger-scale marketing. Here, the access to internal platform advertising in the form of banners and email lists but also external assistance such as PPC, SEO and video creation and much more offered.


The marketplace acts like a search engine that brings together advertising provider and consumer through an algorithm. We have made it our goal to be able to disguise each crypto-based project with advertising and with each other.


The CryptoAPPSolution offers a mobile solution and thus a mobile version of CADS. Apps like Blockfolio etc. can be supplied with advertising, traffic and customers. It will be a separate advertising system, which is similar to the Advertising Packages introduced. This is planned for the year 2019


CryptoAdSolution AdExchange is a decentralized ad exchange built on Stratis blockchain and smart contracts. The CryptoAdSolution AdExchange is designed to disrupt and replace the traditional digital advertising models by providing a transparent, focused solution for advertisers to collaborate with ad publishers and reach the best potential clients.

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Create your Ads to promote your online business

Buy Advertisement Packs or any other Ad product on our platform

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Use our traffic to promote your online business and get extra returns from our Ad Performance Program

Participate in our Advertising Cycle Program and get paid daily

Promote our products and get up to 30% commissions lifetime

Run a Masternode and receive passive income from the blockchain

Stratis Blockchain, Smart Contracts and C#

We chose smart contracts and the Stratis Blockchain because it provides the optimal conditions for our projects. We are very proud to be the first user of this technology and the application of smart contracts in C #. C # is a very accessible programming language. A smart contract is a computer protocol intended to digitally facilitate, verify, or enforce the negotiation or performance of a contract. Smart contracts allow the performance of credible transactions without third parties. So that means that smart contracts are snippets of code that extend the functionality of a blockchain, allowing it to map out complex financial interactions through the sending of funds and storage of data.


The master node concept from CryptoAdSolution is another distinguishing feature of CADS. This is one of the most important features of CADS. Masternodes are, essentially, a decentralized web of computers that serve our network. Masternodes perform important network functions and receive part of the block rewards. They serve the CryptoAdSolution ecosystem by stabilizing coin supply, processing transactions, and securing the network. A master node is thus a unit of coins defined by a certain number of CADS (20.000). In return for keeping the coins and the commitment to stabilize the network and support the system, the Masternode owner is remunerated with block rewards in the form of CADS. These are limited to a total of 1500 pieces. More Masternodes cannot and will not exist. In the pre sale, 200 of our Masternodes are already sold and made available at an adjusted price.

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Affiliate Program

CryptoAdSolution offers its community an attractive and well-calculated affiliate plan, rewarding up to a 20% lifetime commission



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How To Reach Financial Freedom
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How to Reach Financial Freedom Watch
How to Reach Financial Freedom - русский Watch
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In order to safely store your coins, which you either purchase in the pre-sale or earn through the purchase and use of Advertising Packages in connection with the affiliate plan, we have provided a blockchain with an offline wallet, which you can easily download on our website. This offline wallet is also used to get your staking rewards and start a successful staking. For the setting up of Masternodes, there is a so-called Cold Wallet. There are no transactions on this site. Once you've connected your CADS to a masternode, they're stored on your cold wallet and you get your daily returns.


To give our community a perfect start into the new era of crypto marketing and advertising, we decided to pre-sell our products. We clearly want to distance ourselves from a normal ICO. This pre-sale phase is scheduled for a period starting on 2nd of September 2018. Once the pre-sale ends, all current and in the white paper prices have to be considered. Presale offers CADS Coins, Masternodes and Advertising Packages for sale.

Product Pre-sale

ROUND Advertising Packages 100,000 Total CADS Coin 6MM Total Masternode 200 Total
1 AVAILABLE 2,500 100,000 5
PRICE 25 USD 0.25 USD 4,500 USD
2 AVAILABLE 2,500 100,000 5
PRICE 25.50 USD 0.26 USD 4,600 USD
3 AVAILABLE 2,500 100,000 10
PRICE 26 USD 0.27 USD 4,700 USD
4 AVAILABLE (...) (...) (...)
PRICE (...) (...) (...)


Q3 2018

Website, Whitepaper, Lightpaper Published

The website as well as the lightpaper and whitepaper are available. The files can be downloaded. Send them to your friends and acquaintances to inform them about CryptoAdSolution.

Registration Start

The registration is open. It will be possible to create an account and gain insight into the back office. Marketing material, affiliate link and deposit addresses can be found there.

Start Of Pre-Sale

Make sure that you and your partners have an account before and that you have deposited cryptocurrencies to buy Presale Advertising Packages, Masternodes, and CADS Coins at a discounted price.

Communication Channels

Communication takes place through Twitter, Telegram, Bitcointalk, Discord and other important media. All channels are linked on our website. Be sure you follow us to be up to date.

Premium Marketing Materials

In your back office you will find a collection of marketing material. Use it to recommend CryptoAdSolution.

Publishing Offline Wallet

The Offline Wallet will be available for download. The exact date will be announced via the communication channels. Download it to secure your coins.

Publishing Cold Wallet

The Cold Wallet will be available for download. The exact date will be announced via the communication channels. Download to intsall a Masternode.

Q4 2018

End of Pre-Sale

No further Advertising Packages, CADS Coins or Masternodes can be purchased at a discounted price. Exclusively the current prices count which are announced on external Exchange and Backoffice.

Coin Distribution

All coins bought in the Pre Sale can now be transferred via Blockchain to the Offline Wallet.

External Exchange 1

The first external exchange which CADS has listed is announced.

Staking Activation

The staking will be available. All users who have an offline wallet can generate another passive income through staking. 20% of all block rewards are distributed to „stakers“. So to users who hold their coins only on the offline wallet.

Master Node Activation

The Masternodes are activated and generate a passive income. 80% of all block rewards are distributed to Masternode owners.

Providing Customer Advertising

Customer Advertising is available. Advertising services can be booked through the website through an agency.

Q1 2019

External Exchange 2

The second external exchange where you can buy CADS is announced

Preparations for Advertising Marketplace

The advertising marketplace is being prepared and ready for launch. All information about this is included in our whitepaper.

Launching Advertising Marketplace

The Advertising Marketplace is published.

First Connections on Marketplace

The first connections between advertisers and advertising suppliers are created.

Announcement Further Products

Further products planned for 2020 and later, will be announced and information will be published.

Q2 2019

Introducing CryptoAPPSolution

Our 4th product, the CryptoAPPSolution, is presented and the first results of the work are published. We also announce a period when the app will launch and the mobile crypto traffic will be available.

Q4 2019

Providing several Crypto related Apps with our service

The first apps using our service will be announced and the first results of the traffic and packages will be published.

Q1 2020

Announcing details about AdExchange

Details about the AdExchange and our approach to C # and the Startis Blockchain will be released.

Q2 2020

Launching CryptoAdSolution AdExchange

AdExchange will be released


How can I buy Adpacks at CryptoAdSolution?

Advertising Packages can be purchased either in Presale at a discounted price with BTC or other cryptocurrencies, which begins on August 26, 2018, or after Presale with CryptoAdSolution's own cryptocurrency. The CADS Coin. This can be purchased on the external exchange then.

How can I buy Masternodes from CryptoAdSolution?

Masternodes can be bought in Presale at a discounted price. Here are 20,000 coins laced to an package. If all Masternode packages are sold in Presale, CADS Coins can be purchased separately. After presale, coins are available on the External Exchange. 20,000 CADS result one Masternode.

How can I buy CADS Coins from CryptoAdSolution?

Like Adpacks and Masternodes, CADS Coins are also available in Presale. After Presale, the coins are to be bought on the External Exchange.

What is the Presale and when does it take place?

Presale is the period of time in which CADS Coins, Adpacks and Masternodes can be bought at a discounted price. This will take place from September 2, 2018.

What are CADS Coins?

CADS Coins are the own cryptocurrency of CryptoAdSolution. All advertising products CryptoAdSolution offers can be bought in CADS. Thus, from the beginning, a benefit for the coin offered and the increase in value is possible.

How do AdPacks work?

Adpacks have 2 functions. On the one hand, they generate traffic to a product of your choice, on the other hand, they can provide you with a passive income. A CryptoAdSolution promotional package has a value of $ 50, which you pay in our own cryptocurrency, CADS. Depending on the sales and the frequency on our platform you get a profit of 20% back on the value of your advertising package. On average, this period amounts to approximately 90 days. After that period you have returned the value of your advertising package, earned an additional 20% in CADS, and received high-quality traffic on your ad. Imagine, you do the whole thing with several advertising packages, tell your friends about it, earn a commission and buy more advertising packages. Your income will rise daily!

How long is the life of an AdPack?

That's hard to say, since it depends on the sales of the CAS advertising agency and all other sales. In general, an advertising package always generates a profit of 20%. On average, one can speak of about 90 days. This time span can vary greatly and is not a guarantee.

How many AdPacks can I own at most?

The maximum Number of AdPacks a user can own is 1,300.

What is a offline Wallet?

An offline wallet is the storage space of your coins. You can download it on our website for your operating system and send your coins to your wallet or to an other wallet.

How can I benefit from the staking program?

Staking is earning coins by securing the network. By simply keeping the coins on the offline wallet, these become more by confirming transactions. 20% of all block rewards are distributed to Stakers.

How can I benefit from the affiliate program?

The Affiliate Program rewards you solely for recommending Advertising Packages. You can find an explanation for this on our website. To recommend, just send your referral link from your back office.

What does CryptoAdSolution do?

CryptoAdSolution is an advertising platform that rewards your clients for consuming cryptocurrency advertisements. CryptoAdSolution offers a solution for banned crypto-related advertising and offers its customers a variety of products for crypto advertising.

How are the distributions of the AdPacks financed?

The reimbursement of advertising package costs and the 20% profit will be funded by CryptoAdSolution's total revenue. There are 5 products that distinguish CryptoAdSolution. All of these AdPacks generate a certain amount of money from which a percentage is repaid for the repayment of the adearching package costs. Therefore, it can be very good that the daily distribution varies.

What is a Masternode?

In a nutshell, this is a simple, lucrative and well-known way to get rid of the crypto-fermentation network. A master node is thus a unit of coins defined by a certain number of CADS. The masternode owns, therefore keeps his coins on a so-called cold wallet, which is provided by us, secures these there. On the Cold Wallet, access to the coins is blocked for a period of time as soon as the master mode is logged on. In return for keeping the coins and the commitment to stabilize the network and support the system, the Masternode owner is remunerated with block rewards in the form of CADS. Thus, this provides a way to produce a passive income. CryptoAdSolution offers its users such mastenode concept. These are limited to a total of 1,500 pieces. More Masternodes cannot and will not exist. A Masternode consists of 20,000 CADS coins. Once this amount has been bundled on a cold wallet, the masternode is active and the rewards are sent to the user. It will split 80% of the block rewards on masternodes.

What is an advertising cycle?

Advertising Cycle means the cycle in which the customer must consume at least 70 seconds of advertising in order to be eligible for the reimbursement of the Advertising Package cost. This period is 24 hours.